“I’m not interested in a finite pie; in seeing any situation as zero sum... I'm looking for the dessert buffet.”

Analyst exists to inspire and develop deeply self-aware leaders who are able to borrow from a wide variety of subjects, industries, and ideas to create inspired outcomes that recognise the needs of all involved.

Analyst is written by Anna Stanford, an ex-lawyer who realised rather quickly into her tenure at a top tier law firm that it was nothing like Legally Blonde at all. She went on to do all of the usual career things – an MBA, sitting as the secretary on the board of a not-for-profit, escaping law to complete multiple commercial deals worth billions of dollars for a variety of infrastructure, mining and construction clients – and then went looking for ‘more’.

‘More’ turned out to be a new kind of adventure – a journey into the psyche to understand oneself. Anna took 2014 off corporate work to study transpersonal art therapy, dance with hippies (they have great moves), try a variety of new and unusual challenges, and spend a lot of time opposite a therapist. What she learnt in that year changed her entire approach to life and work, and created space for a much more creative, empathetic and empowered human being to emerge.

Since 2015, Anna has been working with one of her former employers, firstly as a consultant to their commercial department, and, over the last year, as their Procurement Manager. She’s been having fun setting up a Procurement function from scratch and trying out all of the things she has read about high performing teams on the awesome people who work for her.

For fun, Anna composes and plays music on multiple instruments, paints (badly but sincerely), and reads like a fiend in the areas of systems thinking, philosophy, psychology, business, finance, art, leadership and self-development.