How, Why & What does it all mean?

These are some of my favourite questions! I've been navel gazing (looking inwards) and star gazing (looking out and up) for most of my life, intent on understanding 'how does it all work?' and 'what does it all mean?'... that is, how do I marry what I'm learning about the world, with the way I currently understand the world to work? How does my thinking need to adjust, in order to accomodate this new information?

In other words: I realised that I've been constructing a massive jigsaw puzzle in my head about how the world, and humans, work... and then I realised that we had all done that, except:

  1. we haven’t been taught how to evaluate our thinking. As a result, many of us have never given much thought as to why we think the things that we do, because the construction of the way we see the world kind of happens by accident. And that lack of intentionality means that the answers we come up with are often incomplete; and 
  2. many of us haven’t actively sought to keep adding information in to the jigsaw that would force it to keep evolving - again, we’re not encouraged to do that. It makes us uncomfortable, because it’s forcing us to grow. So we’ve kind of stagnated. If you’re feeling stuck/in a rut with your life, this could where you’re at.

We are Meaning-Making Machines

One of the main points of my work is to make explicit the ways that we come to understand and believe things - that is, the way we think. Humans are literally 'meaning-making' machines: everything that we come into contact with is filtered through the paradigm through which we see the world. That paradigm is an output of our biology (nature) and our experiences (nurture) and what our ongoing context makes room for. 

If we want to comprehend deeply - that is, if we want to come up with answers that are increasingly more accurate - then we must understand the way that we process information. Our ability to comprehend our own meaning-making processes and paradigms, and then, to evolve them, will be the thing that enables us to produce better outcomes.

About me

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I have a passion for deep thinking, growth, and making every situation that I'm a part of better for my involvement. I'm not interested in calmly plodding through life - I was born with a passion for growth and improving things. My super power is seeing how things are connected; for comprehending the invisible links between disparate variables. 

More importantly, some significant life experiences instilled some serious empathy in me. I love and am fascinated by people, and I'm driven by my desire to make the world a place where everyone is winning at life.