The Manifesto

I'm Anna Lisel Stanford, a thirty-something year old living in Melbourne, Australia. I'm interested in more things that any one human has any right to be interested in, but get particularly obsessed with the way we make meaning in our lives, and the way that things are structured, connected, and built. I express myself through my art, music, written words, and wardrobe, and long to capture the universality of the human experience. I also do a lot of work with organisations on creating great places to work (check out 

Why do I draw myself so much? Well, the psyche of human beings form through their earliest experiences of being seen by their mothers - that eye to eye contact between care-giver and child is creating a 'self'. So, we find ourselves through being witnessed by others. For a long time I resisted publishing my art because I was afraid of what people would think of me using myself as the subject (never mind that Frida Kahlo already got that nailed) - but I came to realise that I do this because 1. I can only speak from my experience and 2. I am figuring out who I am as I mirror what I think I am back to myself through my art and my music and my words. It's how I create a relationship with myself.